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Dr. Laughlin awarded Chairman’s Best Clinical Presentation! – ICIM Conference in Lexington, VA –

Dr_Laughlin_lecturingDr. Laughlin’s presentation regarding Rapid Therapuetic Response with oral therapies was well received by the conference attendees at the ICIM (International College of Integrative Medicine) this past April in Lexington, Virginia.  He taught diagnostic and therapuetic skills for Integrative practitioners of every walk of life to use right away and help their patients experience relief from pain.  Dr. Laughlin worked hard to provide the participants with a solid foundation as well as media tools to help them once they return home to their practices.  Those tools will soon be available on our website for others to benefit from as well.

Dr. Daryl Cooper lectured at Health Centered Dentistry: The Osteoporosis Alternative

Osteo_SeminarToday the lifetime risk of death associated with an osteoporotic fracture is greater than that of breast and uterine cancer combined. On Thursday, May 19th at 7PM Dr. Daryl Cooper, D.C., F.A.S.B.E. shared his knowledge with us. We discovered how osteoporosis is actually an immune system problem and not a calcium deficiency problem. If you want to learn how you can improve or prevent osteoporosis and how it will actually improve your overall health, please contact Dr. Cooper: (715) 808-0716; E-Mail:; website: or

Health Centered Dentistry’s most recent newsletter (Summer 2010)

Sometimes the most powerful treatment is the simplest. This orthodontic therapy, develped by Dr. Katsev in Mosouri, is very effective in young children and can also assist in the treatment of adults. View the results and see what Dr. Laughlin and Dr. Pearson have to say about this revolutionary / evolutionary technique!

Also covered in this issue:

  • Inspire Others With Your Digital Voice: Write a review of your Health Centered Dentistry experiences to share with others…
  • The Internal Pterygoid Release: Small Muscle, Huge Results! (download the instructions) (Demonstration on a baby)
  • Words From a Healthcare Professional: Jeanna Viramontes (her website:
  • Words From a Patient: Doug Piltingsrud

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A great Article on Holistic Dentistry

experiencelifemagDr. Laughlin says this is “The best overview I’ve ever seen written about Holistic Dentistry. If you are only ever to read one thing on the subject of Holistic Dentistry you couldn’t do better than this, and its only six pages long!”

We would like to thank the editors, staff, and writer at Experience Life Magazine that made this article possible. 200+ man-hours went into publishing this excellent article and it was a challenging collaborative work involving many nationally known holistic dentists. We are grateful beyond words to be able to offer this to anyone wanting to understand what holistic dentistry is all about.