Dr. Laughlin’s Publications

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Dr. Laughlin wrote a chapter explaining the connection between the cranial mechanism and the jaw (dentistry). This was published and made available to the public.
Provided here are PDF Files of the chapter Dr. Laughlin wrote. You can order a copy of the book on Amazon.com.

Thank you to Elsevier Publishing for letting us reprint this chapter and offer it to you.

Bodywork and Movement TherapiesDr. Laughlin was asked to contribute peer-reviewed material for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. After several months of writing a two part article was put together that is a very good introduction to Whole Person Dentistry. This has been recreated as a single PDF document for your convenience.

Please also feel free to visit the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies website. We would like to thank JBMT for allowing us to reprint this article and share it here with you.

Experience MagazineDr. Laughlin says this is “The best overview I’ve ever seen written about Holistic Dentistry. If you are only ever to read one thing on the subject of Holistic Dentistry you couldn’t do better than this, and its only six pages long!” Download PDF

We would like to thank the editors, staff, and writer at Experience Life Magazine that made this article possible. 200+ man-hours went into publishing this excellent article and it was a challenging collaborative work involving many nationally known holistic dentists. We are grateful beyond words to be able to offer this to anyone wanting to understand what holistic dentistry is all about.