A Holistic Approach to Dentistry Located in River Falls, WI

A Holistic Approach to Dentistry
Located in River Falls, WI

New Patient Questions

Answering questions you may have.

We look forward to meeting and working with you. Clicking on this link – New Patient Forms – will download the New Patient Information Forms. You may also contact us by telephone or e-mail to request that these forms be E-mailed or mailed to you via USPS. Fill out this information and mail it back to us – We DO need the original signatures on the forms. We will review your forms and contact you to make an appointment. It is important that you fill these forms out as thoroughly as possible. The forms help us get to know you and your health history, and lay the groundwork for us to understand your current health situation. Generally there is a bit of a waiting list to become a patient at our office, feel free to call at any time to find out where on that list you are positioned. As soon as we have an opening for you we will give you a call to try and schedule.

Since each patient is an individual, each first appointment is tailored to his or her needs. Everything that we do at your first visit will be diagnostic in nature. This means we will be taking records and doing a thorough exam, in order to accurately diagnose your current situation.

Because of our commitment to your overall health and wellbeing, as well as our desire to provide you with the best, most comprehensive information possible, we do not “do” any dental work at your first appointment (this includes a cleaning).

If you’ve had x-rays of your teeth within the past two years, we encourage you to send them in advance (after we’ve scheduled your first appointment). In most cases we will need updated x-rays, study models and other records taken on the day of your appointment, though bringing previous records has advantages. If you are addressing any medical issues with another health practitioner, we appreciate your sending or bringing copies of any medical records, tests and medication history that may pertain to your dental situation. At the beginning of your first visit, one of our patient coordinators will meet with you and start getting to know you as an individual – not just your current health concerns, but also your needs, desires and values.

Then we will conduct all appropriate exams and diagnostic tests to determine your current dental health status. Once the exams and testing are complete, we will set up a future Consultation Appointment to review (with you) our findings and recommendations. We encourage you to ask about all available treatment options, what we are recommending and why. We also encourage you to take notes and ask questions in order to fully understand our recommendations and philosophies. We will give you reprints of relevant scientific articles, information on internet resources, and other references to help you gather the knowledge you need to make the best, most informed decisions about your health care. With this information in hand, you are free – and encouraged – to choose whichever path is best for you.

The time and investment for this visit varies according to your needs, and we will discuss them with you when scheduling your first appointment. This first visit typically takes 2 – 2 1/2 hours.  

The cost ranges depending on your needs and the diagnostics that need to be taken as recommended by the Doctors.

We are considered “out of network” for insurance.  We will gladly submit dental insurance claims to your dental insurance company following your appointment.  They will then, in turn, reimburse the primary card holder.  We have chosen not to be an “in-network” provider for any insurance company. Payment in full is expected at the time of service.  If you are unsure if your dental insurance covers “out of network”, we recommend calling your insurance company to ask them prior to your appointment.

When you visit our office, please make sure that we have all the necessary information, including up-to-date ID cards. Do remember, though, that your benefits contract is between you, your insurance provider and, as applicable, your employer. You are, therefore, the one with control and power when dealing with your insurance company, we have very little influence. We cannot guarantee that your insurance provider will pay for any given treatment.

Payment is expected in full at the date of service.  We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard.   

Some treatment, such as orthodontics, is done over a long period of time. In these cases there is usually an initial down payment, with equal monthly payments on the remaining balance.  When a patient has accepted a substantial treatment plan with an agreed upon timetable, additional payment plans can sometimes be arranged.

The ADA’s recommendation is to have the first visit at one year of age. The main purpose for such a visit is two-fold, to have a pleasant first visit for the child as well as to review appropriate oral hygiene care with the parents. The point at which a child should begin routine / regular visits varies with the maturity of the child. However, if you suspect your child has a problem, a dental visit is important no matter what the age. An infant with no teeth can still benefit from an oral exam. A good strategy is to accustom the child to dentistry by permitting him/her to observe an older, well-behaved sibling having a routine cleaning. Though most orthodontists (or dentists who perform orthodontics) advocate waiting until all (or nearly all) of the permanent teeth are in before treating / evaluating the need for orthodontic care, we strongly recommend an evaluation at an early age. We believe that all children should have at least a basic evaluation done no later than six years old and often as early as two years old.

If you’ve had dental x-rays within the past two years, we encourage you to bring them with you. In some cases we may need to take digital x-rays, study models, and other records taken on the day of your appointment.