A Holistic Approach to Dentistry Located in River Falls, WI

A Holistic Approach to Dentistry
Located in River Falls, WI


Transforming the lives of patients.



“When I was referred to Health Centered Dentistry for a TMJ analysis my first reaction was… “I don’t have TMJ! I don’t have headaches, my jaw doesn’t click!  Why should I go do that?” I cannot tell you how happy I am that I not only went and was “analyzed”, but that I followed through with the suggested treatment.

At that time of my life, I was quite depressed and emotionally wrung out. Within several months of beginning treatment, it felt like the thick cloud that had been smothering me was lifted. I would never have thought that a Whole Person approach to dentistry would be the key for me to deal with some of the emotional issues I was facing. My allergies have improved, my posture has improved, and I’ve really learned the importance of breathing correctly.

Though I was once afraid of dentists I’ve always felt comfortable with Dr. Laughlin and his team. I’ve always appreciated how he listens, and the respect with which he treats everyone.”

Josh is a young boy who was having a lot of trouble, though his problems couldn’t get him down. He was very smart, kind, and a wonderful boy who got the help he needed and has experienced benefits no-one thought were even possibilities.

Deb had many health challenges, and on top of it all her ability to think, process information, and make decisions had been severely negatively affected. For example: on several occasions she was unable to process whether a stop sign / stop light meant stop or go (and ran a red light); when filling out personal information she would need to look at her drivers license to remember her address; and lastly it took her a long time to make any decision about her health and her future… That has all changed, watch and listen as she tells you all about it in her own words.


“Health Centered Dentistry has truly changed my life. I came to Dr. Laughlin in Dec. of 2003 with a variety of bizarre symptoms ranging from “floatiness” / dizziness, visual disturbances, headaches, body tremors, breathing problems, and noises in the ears that left me disabled.

Since coming to HCD, I have developed a deep sense of trust, commitment, and faith in Dr. Laughlin and his understanding of the whole body related to dentistry. Certain appliances were placed in my mouth according to models taken and a lot of body work was done. Within six months, I was walking over one mile! What a miracle, I could not walk one block without any assistance before coming to HCD. The symptoms are much improved, and I was able to stand at my own wedding.

I have learned so much from Dr. Laughlin, that now I can recognize people facial and jaw structure that are in need of alignment. My 7 year-old nephew had headaches since he was 3. I took him to Dr. Laughlin, and he put appliances in his mouth, now he is headache free.

The people who say I just have to live with these migraines and other symptoms are simply uneducated about this alternative care in dentistry. I strongly recommend Dr. Laughlin’s expertise in this field and I can reassure you, he and his staff will take extra time to get to know you and all your needs. I am looking forward to a whole new life thanks to Dr. Laughlin”

Emma was having considerable difficulties in life. She was unable to concentrate enough to read, could not control her emotions – frequent “fits”, was very picky about the food she would eat, was incredibly shy, as well as a variety of other issues. Her case demonstrates very clearly that minor changes in structure can have major positive results in behaviors, abilities, and quality of life. Here’s the story of how when Emma had the vertical dimension of her jaw improved (direct splints applied to lower back teeth) she experienced incredible improvements in her personality, ability to read (from zero to 300 pages a day), and many other areas!

Baby John Garrick, treatment began when he was eight weeks old and his mother worried that he wouldn’t live long because he wasn’t breathing well. Every night she would hold his mouth in position so he could breath through the night while sleeping… though mom didn’t get much (any) sleep herself. Lynn is an amazing mother who went to great lengths seeking help for her son under very difficult circumstances. We are so happy to have shared a positive role in John’s successes.

“I am very grateful Dr. Laughlin is my dentist. He had the experience, knowledge, and expertise to recognize I had a tooth problem affecting my health.

Before I left to go south this past winter, Dr. Laughlin reviewed my dental x-ray and recommended I see an oral surgeon for teeth extraction due to an infection. The oral surgeon reviewed my x-ray and checked my teeth and ‘finding nothing wrong’ refused to pull any teeth.

Five days into our trip south, I got very sick – six weeks and three doctors later I called Dr. Laughlin to ask him if the teeth he wanted extracted could be making me sick.

He recognized my teeth as a health problem and gave me the names of oral surgeons in Las Vegas. After visiting two oral surgeons, who could not see any problem with my teeth, I took my health into my own hands and signed papers to extract a capped root canal tooth that Dr. Laughlin recommended be pulled.

The tooth was extremely infected with bone erosion and a fistula protruding into my sinus. The oral surgeon had to perform surgery, using part of my inner cheek bone to cover the large hole.

Dr. Laughlin was the only dentist, doctor, or oral surgeon during this whole ordeal who recognized I had an infected root canal tooth, making me sick. ”